Aloe Vera

PG Tips or Yorkshire for you? 
Let's talk about the way we feel
Let's talk about that oil spill
The rights of man, the even keel
Let's talk another cup and saucer
Did you hear about the middle East?
Those cheeky bankers, too? Good grief.
No biscuits for me thanks, dear- I'm on this new diet plan
Where all I eat is fish and air
I saw it in the Mirror on Sunday,
where I saw too you won't guess what-
They're gonna clone us all one day
Then I could ask yours for more milk,
I didn't ask for coffee dear.
Now Vera, come take a look at this,
You won't believe what's written here


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One Response to Aloe Vera

  1. Prof Peter Hill says:

    Thank you.
    I liked Withnail best but Aloe Vera made me laugh

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